Travel time by train:

Delft – Rotterdam  – 11 min
Delft – Den Haag – 13 min
Delft – Schiphol Airport –  38 min
Delft – Amsterdam  – 57 min
Delft – Utrecht – 57 min

Travel time by car:

Delft – Rotterdam  – 24  min
Delft – Den Haag – 14 min
Delft – Schiphol Airport –  38 min
Delft – Amsterdam  – 55 min
Delft – Utrecht – 53 min

Living in Delft

Delft is a bike-friendly city. The e-bikes waiting for you to use free of charge help you move around fast and freely. Explore the cities picturesque surroundings or take a dive in the vibrant night life.

Heading further out? As we’re located nearby the central train station and within walking distance from trams and buses, getting to where you want to be is a breeze.

But to enjoy life in Delft, there’s no need to go far. Here are some of our neighbors that are great to visit when you stay with us.

Our Neighbour

Moodz Restaurant

Enjoy the great outdoor terrace of the Moodz restaurant on sunny days. A nice place to eat or have drinks close to home.

Our Neighbour


If you are looking for the New York vibe, visit you next-door neighbor Seven Hills Bistro & Lounge for an amazing dinner and award-winning architecture.

Our Neighbour

Theater de Veste

Experience dance, comedy, and plays right at the other end of the street in the beautiful Theater de Veste.

Our Neighbour

Pathé Cinema

Enjoy the latest movies in the world-class cinema, right around the corner.

Our Neighbour


Find all groceries you’ll ever need and more at the Jumbo supermarket.

Our Neighbour

Delft Library

The famous library of Delft is often considered the nicest library in the Netherlands is a great location to read a good book and relax, but also an ideal place to work.