Moodz Restaurant

One of your neighbors is the Moodz restaurant. A nice place close to home, where you can enjoy a great  outdoors terrace. They serve a fantastic high tea and a great coffee. For the brisk appetite, Moodz has brunch, soup, sandwiches, salads and you can even dine there. Moodz became famous in the Netherlands by reaching the final in “My tent is Top” with Star Chef Herman den Blijker. Well worth a visit!


If you are in the New York mood, you can visit Bistro & Lounge; Seven Hills which is right around the corner from Delftsgreen. Whether you want to grab a beer or enjoy an amazing dinner, Seven Hills is a great spot to visit. They have thought of both the real meat lovers as well as vegetarians and are known for their fresh products. Worth a visit!

The Living Vegetarian

Your next-door neighbor is The Living; a great vegetarian restaurant. 100% organic 100% vegetarian and 100% tasty. Their slogan is; Good for the body, good for the soul and they offer an enormous amount of variety, with a changing menu every two weeks for lunch and dinner. The Living has a unique concept where you pay for the weight of the food you consume. Super healthy and very tasty. Highly recommended for people that enjoy and maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Pathé Cinema

When you feel like going to the movies in a world-class cinema, all you have to do is cross the street to visit Delft’s very own Pathé Cinema. They have 7 cinema rooms and the largest can accommodate 361 people. With a drink, popcorn or other snacks you can enjoy your favorite movie all within walking distance from home.

Theater de Veste

If you are in need of a bit of culture and you want to experience dance, comedy, great stories in plays such as Brave New World 2.0, Le Bal, Curious Sunday or Kinder College, a visit to Theater de Veste is a must. They offer a diverse program for all ages with a diverse set of plays. A beautiful theater close by, that is definitely worth a visit.

Delft Library

The innovative and multiple nationally and internationally awarded library of Delft and, according to some media and visitors, even the nicest library in the Netherlands, is  located very closely to Delftsgreen. It is a great location to read a good book for relaxation, but also an ideal working environment because you are surrounded by insightful sources in the central library. The Library of Delft is no longer a traditional library, so you can count on the latest technologies that a library has to offer.


For your large groceries you will find the Jumbo supermarket close to your home. They are well-known for their high-quality products and low prices. The Jumbo has premium brands and exclusive fresh products with low preservation. Do you like to cook yourself and have everything at home? Are you craving for a nice snack or is something missing? The Jumbo is right next door and is open 7 days a week until 10 p.m.